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MB Element

The insulated bento box

Fridge and microwaves are no longer needed: the MB Element bento box keeps food warm or cold for up to 10 hours (depending on the content and conditions of use)! Airtight and easy to carry, this insulated lunch box will follow you in all your adventures!

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MB Element
For an on-the-go meal at the perfect temperature, no matter where we are!

Double wall to keep food warm or cold for up to 5 or 10 hours*, ergonomic design, perfect capacity for a consistent meal, integrated handle for easy transport… an insulated lunch box like you've always dreamed of!

French Design
The MB Element were thought-out and conceived by our design team, in our headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand, France.
This lunchbox keeps food hot or cold for up to 5 or 10 hours*, depending on the model chosen. Ideal for hiking or eating at work!
Compact and lightweight
With its optimised shape and weight, this bento box is easy to slip in a bag.
With its large thread pitch and its seal, the MB Element is perfectly airtight: you can carry it everywhere, peacefully.
Dishwasher-safe (without the lid)
Food grade
MB Element 2021:
Product dimensions: w 12,7 x h 13,4 cm / w 5 x h 5,3 in
Capacity: 0,55 L / 18,6 floz
Weight: 384 g / 0,8 lbs
MB Element:
Product dimensions: w 13 x h 11,5 cm / w 5,1 x h 4,5 in
Capacity: 0,65 L / 22 floz
Weight: 432 g / 1 lbs
MB Element 2021:
1 lid (PP), 1 container (316 stainless steel), 1 seal (silicone)
MB Element:
1 lid (PP), 1 container (18/8 stainless steel), 1 seal (silicone)
* depending on its content, conditions and environment of use
** in accordance with the regulations