Are the bentos airtight?

Yes, monbento bento boxes are airtight.

Are the bentos insulated?

The monbento brand bentos do not keep food warm or cold for the moment.
A new design is currently being developed by our product designers and engineers to fill this need.

Are the bentos microwave and dishwasher-safe?

Yes, MB Original & MB Square bento boxes are safe for your microwave and dishwasher.
Note: for optimal use of your plastics products, please refer to your dishwasher notice and place your bento boxes in the upper part of your dishwasher in order to keep them away from the heat resistance at the bottom. It is also advisable to choose a washing program at temperatures below 75°C/167°F.  

Where are monbento products made? Do they conform to European standards?

The MB Original is Made in France. The others products are made in China. Every item is submitted to strict quality controls and standards under the supervision of independent international monitors. All other products imported by monbento also conform to European food standards and testing by Customs authorities. All products are BPA-free.

How do I find out about upcoming or newly arrived products?

There are many ways to keep up to date:
- Follow the monbento.com news feed
- Subscribe to the monbento newsletter. We send an average of one newsletter monthly. To subscribe click on link in the top right column “subscribe to the newsletter.” Your email address will not be communicated to other parties, and you will be able to unsubscribe whenever you want.
- Follow us on Facebook: monbento.com news is regularly updated.
- Follow us on Twitter: New products and restocking announcements are posted there.
- Subscribe to flux RSS news from monbento.com.

If you would like a product that is not available on monbento.com, feel free to contact us at contact@monbento.com.
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How can I pay on monbento.com?

Secure payment with monbento gift cards, Visa®, MasterCard®, PayPal®

Is the payment secure?

On monbento.com, you buy safely. Payment is completely secure and safe via the Banque Populaire. Your confidential banking information is not registered on our website. During the payment, your personal data is immediately encrypted by the bank. No one has access to your bank details, not even monbento.com.
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Which types of shipment are available?

For Metropolitan France:
- Colissimo delivery with signature required
- Colissimo standard delivery (no signature required)
- Chronopost 24h delivery
For other destinations:

How much does shipping cost?

Via Colissimo for Metropolitan France: 5.90€  ex VAT. for any order under 60€ and free for any order greater than 60€.
Shipping rates are available by clicking on our Delivery page. In some cases, depending on the country, shipping may be free for orders greater than 160€.

What is the average delay for shipment?

Your order is normally processed on the same day or the following day (excluding exceptional delays for certain products mentioned at the time of purchase). It is then shipped via LaPoste/FedEx within the next 24h (excluding Sundays and bank holidays).
LaPoste delivers within 48h for Metropolitan France (excluding Sundays and bank holidays). FedEx delays vary and range from 1 week for Europe to up to 2 weeks for the rest of the world.

How can I track my order?

To get information concerning your order, log onto your customer account (the upper right on the website) with your email address and password. The status of your order will be posted and updated (ex. “awaiting payment”/“processing”/“shipped”).

To track your shipment, look up your Colissimo/FedEx tracking number on their respective websites that was sent to you by email when we shipped the goods.

The transporter could not find my address and deliver my package:

It is possible that LaPoste/FedEx cannot find your address. In this case, your package might be sent back to us, the company might inform us that your address does not work or we may discover that your package has not arrived at the destination. We will do our best to ensure that your purchase arrives at your address by working with our delivery companies and you personally. We ask and thank you for your patience if any problem arises as rectifying it can sometimes take time.
If you are not at home when LaPoste delivers your package, you can check for an attempted delivery note and go to your local post office to pick it up.
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Cancellations / Refunds / Returns / Exchange policy

Please refer to our Returns page for all the details on order cancellations, refunds, returns and exchanges.
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Confidentiality and corrections

When ordering, I made a mistake in my delivery address:

Let us know as soon as possible at contact@monbento.com, please mention your order number and the correct delivery address.
If the package has not been shipped yet, we will correct the delivery address.
If the package has already been shipped, we will do our best to get in contact with La Poste/FedEx to make the change. In the event your package is sent back to us, we will contact you to verify the delivery address before sending it out.

My delivery address has changed since I placed my order:

Same procedure as previous question

What happens to my personal data?

All the personal data registered on monbento.com is strictly confidential. Your personal information is only used to prepare your order and is never communicated to anyone.
- Your postal address is used to deliver your package.
- Your email address is used to send your invoice and confirmation with your Colissimo/FedEx/Chronopost tracking number.
- Your phone number is used to call you in case of problem (undeliverable address, parcel returned to us by La Poste, etc.).
- If you subscribed to the newsletter on monbento.com, you will only receive our monbento newsletter.

 How can I change my information?

Customer account: in accordance with laws governing the Internet and digital information you are able to change or delete your personal information at any time. Simply go onto your customer account at the top right on the website using your email address and password to log in.

Newsletter: to unsubscribe the newsletter, find the last monbento newsletter that you received and click on “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email.