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MB Element The Journey

The insulated lunch box

For a meal kept warm or cold for up to 10 hours*!

Estimated delivery within the next 2 to 7 working days.
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For a meal kept warm or cold for up to 10 hours*!

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The Journey collection invites you to (re)discover the environment around you, and takes part in all your adventures in the nature.

The star of this collection? The majestic volcanoes of the Auvergne region in France! The main pattern is a nod to where monbento® was born, with a panoramic view of the emblematic Puy-de-Dôme volcano.

With The Journey metal collection, enjoy your well-deserved break admiring the landscapes in front of you, and take the time to reconnect with nature.


Fridge and microwaves are no longer needed! This insulated lunch box for adults keeps food hot or cold up to 10h*. Perfect for hiking or eating at work.

Compact and lightweight

The perfect partner for a ride! With its optimized shape and weight, this stainless steel insulated bento lunch box is easy to slip in a bag.


No more meal accident in your bag! With its large thread pitch and its seal, the MB Element is perfectly airtight: you can carry it everywhere, peacefully.

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The MB Element The Journey insulated lunch box for adults invites you to discover the magnificent French volcanoes of the Auvergne region, with its pattern featuring the panoramic view of the Puy-de-Dôme volcano! With its 550 ml (18,6 floz) capacity and insulating properties, you'll be able to enjoy a meal kept at temperature for up to 10 hours (depending on contents and conditions of use) in the great outdoors.

Food grade

*In accordance with the regulations
  • Product dimensions : w 12,7 x h 13,4 cm / w 5 x h 5,3 in
  • Capacity : 0,55 L / 18,6 floz
  • Weight : 384 g / 0,8 lbs
  • 1 lid (PP)
  • 1 container (316 Stainless steel)
  • 1 seal (Silicone)


How to optimize your new companion’s efficiency:

  • • Warm up/cool down the container beforehand: fill with boiling/cold water, close the lid and leave for 30 seconds at least. Then push the steam release first before opening the lid and emptying out.
  • • Fill the bento box with very hot/cold dish. Should it be reheated before being placed in the container, use a saucepan rather than the microwave for a more homogeneous temperature and result.
  • • Fill the container completely: the insulating efficiency is best when the container is full.
  • • Close the lid quickly and tight after filling container: to limit heat/coldness loss.
  • • Do not open the bento box before your meal: every opening causes a heat/coldness loss.
  • • Favor food with small pieces to big chunks.
  • • Store your bento box at room temperature (21°C – 69,8°F minimum) to keep your food warm/in a cool place (15°C – 59°F maximum) to keep your food cold.
  • • Mix the food before tasting to ensure a homogeneous temperature.
MB Element The Journey
The insulated lunch box

For a meal kept warm or cold for up to 10 hours*!

Estimated delivery within the next 2 to 7 working days.
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