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Kids Bags

Just like their parents, kids also need to be able to easily carry their pack lunch to school or on a picnic. monbento lunch bags take the hassle away! Designed to fit the dimensions of bento boxes and accessories, they will follow your little foodies on all their adventures, while keeping their meal safe.


The kids rucksack for carrying cheeky tricks & treats!

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Stay cool with the lunch box ice pack!
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Kids' lunch bags

For easily carrying their lunch to school!

It's no secret: Kids love copying their parents! So, it's no surprise that, just like Mummy and Daddy, they want a lunch bag for carrying their lunch to school or summer camp! Large enough to fit their lunch box, their water bottle and a few snacks, with lovely, bright colours or even a fun animal design, along with practical handles for carrying their lunch set, even with little arms or shoulders: monbento has thought of everything to create the perfect products for hungry little ones on the go!
Let's now answer all your questions on transporting your little angels' lunches!

How can they take their lunch to school?

A little mid-morning snack, a full meal for lunch or an afternoon top-up… Kids need to eat well to make sure they're in good form for learning at school and growing up nice and strong! With their school bags already heavily laden, it's not always easy to find a little extra space for their lunch box. Like little tortoises setting off to explore, our little angels already have plenty to carry with them to school, with their huge backpacks. Not to worry, monbento has thought about this! Thanks to our lunch bags, kids can take everything they need to keep them fuelled up all day long! There are several format options, in lightweight pouches or insulated bags, small or large, colourful or featuring their favourite animal. All our bags have been designed to be easy to carry, next to their school bag or sport bag: they have handles, cords or other practical carry systems.

Which is the best lunch box for school?

Which brand of insulated brand to choose? monbento, of course!
So that little foodies can enjoy their lunch at the right temperature, we've designed insulated bags especially for them. A good insulated bag will suit their every need: It'll have the right dimensions for holding a full meal for the little foodie, it'll be easy to carry, grip and clean, and it'll be practical in any situation.
The MB Wonder Travel lunch bag has been designed especially for holding the MB Wonder compartmented kids' lunch box tray. It has the perfect dimensions for carrying the kids' lunch box format and keeping it flat, so that each part of the lunch stays properly organised in the various compartments of the metal tray. Its interior is coated with aluminium, so that kids' meals can be kept warm or cool during transport, until you reach the picnic spot or set out on the drive to your holiday destination.

How can I keep meals cool in a lunch bag?

It can sometimes prove challenging to keep your lunch at the right temperature! Yet, thanks to these tips and tricks, your kids can maximise how long their homemade lunch stays chilled for.

  1. Place the bento box, filled with a delicious lunch, in the fridge overnight, so that the food is nice and chilled when they set of for school or camp.
  2. While you're doing your prep the night before, also place an ice pack, like the MB I-cy in the fridge, and leave it to cool for at least 12 hours.
  3. In the morning, immediately transfer the lunch box from the fridge into the MB Wonder Travel insulated lunch bag, add in the ice pack and quickly close the bag using its practical zip.
  4. During transport, take care not to leave the insulated lunch bag in extreme conditions! For example, avoid putting it on the seat on the bus in direct sunlight, or just in front of the car's heater. Of course, the hotter it is, the shorter the time your insulated lunch bag will stay cool. You can also explain to your mini-me that it's important to resist the temptation to open their bag to pinch a raisin or a chocolate biscuit, so that the temperature can be preserved as best as possible. If Mummy and Daddy set the good example, mini foodies should succeed in exercising patience until lunchtime ;)

With these tips, you can maximise how long your kids' lunches stay cool during transport!

Which chilled meals are good to take to school?

Now that you know how to maximise how long the contents of your kids' insulated lunch bag stays cool, you just need to know what to fill the lunch box with!
So that kids can enjoy taking their lunch on the go, and as they're often impatient to dive into their lunch, presentation is key!
The MB Wonder compartmented lunch box has a metal tray which allows for different preparations to be split up, letting kids organise their meal however they like: If they want to mix sweet and savoury together, that's up to them!In the largest central compartment, you can add in mini sandwiches, cut using a fun cookie cutter: a little dinosaur, a falling star, a cat's head or even a flower! The meal instantly becomes more entertaining for them! We'd accompany these sandwiches with your little foodie-on-the-go's favourite crudités: Cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks or even radishes as pink as their rosy cheeks. You can also add in some cubed cheese, little crackers or even a sliced hard-boiled egg. For dessert, you can use the two remaining compartments in the removable tray to add in some seasonal fruit and a little sweet treat (cookies, sweets, dried fruit coated in chocolate… even we're getting hungry just thinking about it!).
Before closing the lid on this bento lunch box, you can add in the MB Pocket Color little reusable cutlery in the top compartment, and then pop the box into the MB Wonder Travel insulated lunch bag!
As we mentioned earlier, the tray format lunch box slips perfectly into this kids' lunch bag, in order to be able to enjoy a lunch that's just as appetising as when it was prepared!

What should I pack for lunch for kids?

monbento lunch bags can carry 101 treats! Because what kids eat is a subject we take very seriously, we've made sure that the lunch bags that we make for them suit their needs, and can hold everything they need to grow up big and strong! That's why, along with their bento box, kids can also transport their little on-the-go cutlery, or even a reusable water bottle, a snack box or a piece of fruit, depending on the bag model that they've chosen. Discover everything that monbento kids' lunch bags can hold in each of the descriptions below!

MB Pochette M, the transport bag

MB Pochette M, the transport bag

This little lightweight lunch bag has a total capacity of 3 L and is ideal for protecting kids' bento boxes in their school bags, or for letting them easily take their lunch with them when the good old school bag is too full. There are several colourways and designs for kids to choose from, so they can find their favourite and express their personality!
This bag for carrying your lunch fits:

MB Pochette L, the large lunch bag

MB Pochette L, the large lunch bag

Bigger than it's little sister, the MB Pochette M the MB Pochette L has a total capacity of 5.7 L, which means it can easily hold:

Thanks to its carry cords, it'll keep the lunch sets of little foodies well-protected. The little extra that makes all the difference? It's made with textile offcuts (cotton and polyester), which means that we can reduce waste and create a lovely, natural finish in a linen effect!

MB Wonder Travel, the kids' insulated bag

MB Wonder Travel, the kids' insulated bag

So, will it be a cute panda or an adorable sheep? Regardless of the endearing travel companion that your little ones will choose, they can take their full lunch with them, and you'll have total peace of mind! It's total capacity of 6.5 L means that plenty of treats can be carried! If your kids have chosen the MB Wonder kids lunch box bag, they can easily slip it into the bag, along with their water bottle and even a little snack or piece of fruit. Otherwise, they can also use their MB Wonder Travel kids' lunch bag to carry:

And yes, the MB Wonder Travel insulated lunch bag is really that big! Yet, that doesn't mean that it'll weigh little ones down: Thanks to its two, large handles, they can easily carry it.
Its insulated coating and zip fastening allow for the lunch inside to be kept at its chilled temperature during transport. So, grab the hampers and set out for a family picnic!