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MB Lib

The double wall bowl

Bring your soup wherever you want without accident risks! Thanks to its lid which has a large screw thread and a silicon seal, the MB Lib bowl is 100% airtight! A good solution to vary your pleasures when having lunch at the office. And great news for those with a sweet tooth: cereals and other tasty drinks can be carried in the MB Lib!

Bring an exotic touch to your lunch breaks

Limited Editions: three bento boxes and a wrapping cloth

I can’t miss it
New: a unique colour made of recycled material

Take care of yourself and the environment with the MB Original Terracotta Recycled

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MB Lib
Soups, velouté and cerals can also take part in your on-the-go lunches!

Nothing more comforting than a warm soup or a smooth dessert at lunchtime; and the MB Lib knows that!

100% airtight and keeping your meals warm or cold for up to 2 hours*, this to-go bowl can be taken everywhere!

3-year warranty
The MB Lib has a free extended warranty, for a total of 3 years guarantee.
Thanks to its large thread pitch and its seal, the MB Lib is completely airtight. Leaving you to enjoy the tranquility of a meal – even liquid - perfectly protected inside its container!
BPA-free** and BPS-free, this bowl holds all your meals and snacks without any health risk!
With its integrated spoon that fits perfectly on its lid, the MB Lib is ready to serve you wherever you go!
Microwave-safe (without the lid)
Food grade
Product dimensions: l 17,5 x d 14 x h 9,5 cm / l 6,9 x d 5,5 x h 3,8 in
Capacity: 0,45L / 15,2 floz
Weight: 300 g/ 0,7 lbs
1 lid, 1 spoon, 1 container (PP), 1 cap, 1 seal (silicone)
* depending on its content, conditions and environment of use
** in accordance with the regulations