Breakfast to go

You’ve probably heard the saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!“. Yet sometimes it’s hard to eat right out of bed. With monbento® lunch boxes, there’s no more problem: take your breakfast to the office!


Why is it important to eat breakfast?

The name says it all: as the first meal of the day, breakfast breaks the fast of our good night’s sleep. It allows us to regain energy and to hydrate our body after a long period without a drop of water.

The energy gained from a balanced breakfast will fuel your body as well as your brain and memory, which will be helpful at work throughout the morning. Your concentration and your mood will also be positively impacted by this tasty start to your day!

Eating breakfast also helps to avoid this sudden attack of exhaustion we all know in the mid-morning and thus avoid snacking between meals. Eating between meals often leads to a lack of appetite at lunchtime and therefore a smaller meal, which in turn leads to an afternoon snack… Can you picture the vicious circle? In the long run, this habit can have an impact on weight and appetite regulation.


Why am I not hungry in the morning?

Even if we are convinced that breakfast is important, sometimes there is nothing to do: lack of time, lack of inspiration, lack of appetite … all these reasons lead many of us to skip this first meal. Maybe you have tried several solutions that can be found on the internet: getting ready first before eating to give your stomach time to wake up too, drinking a hot or cold drink beforehand to gently wake up your digestive system, trying a salty breakfast instead of a sweet one… But if nothing worked, then here is our advice: pack your breakfast in your lunch box and take it away!

The most important is to eat when you are hungry. So, whether it’s in the subway, once you arrive at the office while turning on your computer, or rather in the middle of the morning between two meetings, take your lunch box out and enjoy your healthy breakfast!


What is the ideal breakfast for my lunch box?

Your lunch box makes the impossible possible! Indeed, unlike a quick breakfast that you could gulp down before taking the bus to go to the office, you can peacefully take time to prepare your breakfast with love the day before.

There is a lunch box for every type of breakfast! For all dishes with a rather liquid consistency, such as a banana bread style porridge, a smoothie bowl or a breakfast bowl with granola or berries, you can easily transport them in the MB Capsule or MB Element insulated lunch boxes.

For larger recipes such as cinnamon and ginger waffles, French toast or cashew and date energy balls, favor the MB Square or MB Original lunch boxes or the metal version, the MB Sense.

Surprise your taste buds with new healthy breakfasts every day! Depending on what you’re in the mood for at the moment (rather a savory or sweet breakfast, rather a brunch or several small sweets), the seasonal fruit, the time you have the day before, if you have to prepare your breakfast lunch box for you or for several people … Need some inspiration? Discover our favorite breakfast recipe ideas!

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