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MB Extra

The small boxes to compartmentalise the MB Original

The MB Extra boxes are perfect to carry small snacks for the day, everywhere you go! Muesli, fresh fruit and almonds can easily follow you to the office or on a walk thanks to their soft lids, making these small boxes airtight.

But the MB Extra go even further! They can also be used inside the MB Original bento box (with or without their lids), to compartmentalise its two tiers and preserve every flavour of your lunch.

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From May 31 to June 30, 2022

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MB Extra
For a well organised MB Original and a well compartmentalised lunch!

Thanks to their 3 different sizes, the MB Extra make it easy to carry everywhere with you your daily treats! Used with or without their lid inside the MB Original or on their own in your lunch bag, these small boxes are the tasty treats' perfect partner!

French design
The MB Extra were thought-out and conceived by our design team, in our headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand, France.
Guaranteed BPA-free and food safe, the MB Extra lunch box containers can hold your snacks and little sides without any risk!
Specially designed to accessorise the MB Original, the 4 MB Extra bento box containers fill its two tiers, with or without their lids.
Easy to use
Thanks to their soft lid made of platinum silicone, the MB Extra are easy to open and close, for a convenient use outside the bento box!
Microwave-safe (without the lids)
Food grade
Fit the MB Original (without the lid, if for use in the wooden MBO container)
Small 1/3 box:
Dimensions: l 5,7 x w 8,7 x h 3,2 cm / l 2,2 x w 3,4 x h 1,3 in
Weight: 40 g / 0,09 lbs
Capacity: 95 ml / 3,2 floz
Medium 1/2 boxes:
Dimensions: l 8,7 x w 8,7 x h 3,2 cm (x2) / l 3,4 x w 3,4 x h 1,3 in (x2)
Weight: 54 g (x2) / 0,1 lbs (x2)
Capacity: 150 ml (x2) / 5,1 floz (x2)
Large 2/3 box:
Dimensions : l 11,9 x w 8,7 x h 3,2 cm / l 4,7 x w 3,4 x h 1,3 in
Weight: 71 g / 0,15 lbs
Capacity: 210 ml / 7,1 floz
Containers (PP)
Lids (Platinum Silicone)
* in accordance with the regulations