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To-go cutlery

MB Pocket & MB Slim Box

Fork, knife, spoon: the essential accessories for a successful on-the-go lunch break! That's why they are all gathered in the MB Pocket reusable cutlery set! Available in stainless steel or PLA, a 100% biodegradable vegetable-based plastic, the MB Pocket includes a sturdy base and fits perfectly under the bento boxes' top lid.

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To-go cutlery - MB Pocket

Fork, knife and spoon take part in your on-the-go lunches!

Made of stainless steel or PLA (plant-based plastic), the MB Pocket cutlery set is resistant and ready to follow you in all your adventures! Thanks to its support base, it's easy to carry them in your bag or under the top lid of your bento box.

French design
The MB Pockey cutlery set was thought-out and conceived by our design team, in our headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand, France.
BPA-free* and food safe, the MB Pocket cutlery set offers you reliability and safety at every meal!
The storage case allows you to neatly tuck the cutlery set under the monbento lunch box lid.
Made of quality materials, the MB Pocket cutlery sets will follow you for many years to come!
Food grade
Can be used in planes (MB Pocket Color only)
MB Pocket :
Product dimensions : l 14,7 x d 4,7 x h 1,6 cm / l 5,8 x d 1,9 x h 0,6 in
Weight : 140 g / 0,3 lbs
MB Pocket Color:
Product dimensions : l 14,7 x d 4,7 x h 1,6 cm / l 5,8 x d 1,9 x h 0,6 in
Weight: 70 g / 0,2 lbs
MB Pocket:
1 knife, 1 fork, 1 spoon (stainless steel), 1 removable tray (PP), 1 protective case (PC)
MB Pocket Color:
1 knife, 1 fork, 1 spoon (PLA), 1 removable tray (PP), 1 protective case (PC)
* in accordance with the regulations