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MB Cocoon & MB E-zy

The MB Original gets a bag perfectly adapted to its dimensions!

Specially designed to hold the bento box, its MB I-cy ice pack and a to-go cutlery set stored under the MB Original’s top lid, the MB Cocoon will make it easier to transport your complete lunch set! What’s more, thanks to an inner aluminum layer, it will keep your meal at temperature. Its practical handle and elegant fabric will make you want to take it everywhere with you!

MB I-cy bleu Polar

L'ice pack adapté au bento MB Original

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MB Cocoon
To easily carry the MB Original and its accessories!

The MB Original has never been so pampered! Thanks to the MB Cocoon and its rigid material and insulating inner layer, you can easily transport your bento box, as well as its MB I-cy ice pack and cutlery set stored directly under its top lid. With its handle making it easy to carry and its pretty textile, this bento bag will follow you everywhere!

French design
The MB Cocoon was thought-out and conceived by our design team, in our headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand, France.
Pleasant to touch with its rigid material and featuring a handle, this lunch bag is easy to carry everywhere with you safely, without feeling cluttered!
Specially designed to hold an MB Original bento box, an MB I-cy ice pack and a cutlery set, the MB Cocoon insulated bag makes it easy to carry your complete lunch set!
Thanks to its double layer (outer in textile, inner in aluminum), this insulated lunch bag keeps your meal at temperature.

Holds 1 MB Original + 1 MB I-cy + 1 to-go cutlery set (stored under the MB Original's top lid)

Product dimensions: l 27 x h 17 x d 13 cm / l 10,7 x h 6,7 x d 5,1 in
Weight: 280 g / 0,6 lbs
Capacity: 2L / 67,6 floz
1 bag (polyester), 1 inner layer (aluminum), 1 handle (PU)