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As you know, at monbento we want to make your daily life easier and take part in all your on-the-go adventures. This is why our collection of bento and lunch boxes has grown over the years, to adapt to all your uses and needs. Whether you have just bought our first heating lunch box, the MB Warmer, or you have been using our very first bento box, the MB Original, for years, you may be wondering how to take care of your favorite lunch partner. How to use a monbento box? Let us share with you everything you need to know, bento box by bento box 😉


The daily bento boxes: the MB Original (1L / 34 floz) and the MB Square (1.7L / 57 floz)

How to open monbento box?

These two Made in France bento boxes are fitted with two airtight containers. The first step to open the containers is to lift the silicone tab to let the air in. There is no need to pull too hard or to remove the tab completely! Just lift it from the side marked “PULL” until you see the small opening on the lid. Then, lay your bento box flat and grab it by the corner to lift the lid.

Is monbento microwave-safe?

You can use the MB Original and the MB Square in the microwave, only to reheat your meal. We therefore advise you to avoid defrosting food directly in your lunch box. First, make sure food is evenly distributed in the container. Then, put the lid back on the container to avoid making your microwave dirty, and open the tab we mentioned earlier. This way, the steam will be released and your bento box lid won’t pop like popcorn 🍿 ! Then, to help your bento box last over time, keep these numbers in mind: no more than 3 minutes in the microwave, maximum 500W. Our little tip? Stop reheating in the middle, take your lunch box out and stir its contents a bit to ensure an evenly warm meal!

How to clean a lunch box?

We use strong and lasting materials for our lunch boxes. This is what makes them dishwasher safe! We recommend that you place all the elements of your bento box (except the elastic band, of course!) in the upper rack of your dishwasher. The farther away they are from the heat source, the more the risk of deformation will be avoided. Use a gentle cycle to take care of your bento box. You can also wash your lunch boxes by hand of course!

To learn more about the MB Original 1L/34 floz bento box, two options: a more detailed blog article, or some videos on how to use it. And for the MB Square, learn more in video right here!


The MB Sense metal lunch box

How to open monbento box?

If you just bought our first stainless steel lunch box, you may have had trouble opening it the first time. Don’t panic, your bento box will get softer with time! This lids’ resistance guarantees the total airtightness of your metal lunch box.

To make it easier to use, the tips are the same as for the MB Original and MB Square bento boxes. First, open the tab on the intermediate lid to let the air in. Then, lay the bento box flat, grab the lid by the corner and lift it up, without forcing or pressing on the sides of the bento box.

How to reheat the lunch box?

The great thing about the MB Sense metal bento box is that it is oven AND microwave safe! You can prepare your delicious lasagna in the perfect quantity, cook it in your bento box, transport it to the office and reheat it there.

In the oven, simply place your bento box without its intermediate lid directly on the rack or tray. Watch the cheese melt, and take your lunch box out with potholders. Let it cool down completely before closing your bento box!

In the microwave, remember to remove the middle and top lids! And as for the oven, take your bento box out with a cloth or potholders. Being made of metal, its edges can be hot, especially if the bento box was not completely filled. But don’t worry, they will cool down quickly while you are eating!

How to wash a lunch box?

Nothing easier: just place your monbento box in the dishwasher once the meal is over! As with the two previous bento boxes, place your metal lunch box in the upper rack of your dishwasher and use a gentle cycle.

Discover how to use the MB Sense here!


The MB Warmer heating lunch box

Note: the MB Warmer electric lunch box is compatible with type E and F plugs. It is therefore not available in the UK and US.

How do you use an electric food warmer?

Our MB Warmer is the first electric lunch box that reheats your meal in 15 minutes! It has 3 programs (15, 25, 35 minutes) to adapt to all your meals. Starting a program may seem complicated, but we have made it easy for you! Let’s go step by step:

  1. Lift the cover on the back of the lunch box, without forcing or trying to remove this cover. Then plug your lunch box into a power outlet or the cigarette lighter socket of your car (car cable sold separately).
  2. Turn on the lunch box by pushing the ON/OFF button under the back cover. The 3 lights on the front of the lunch box will light up white.
  3. Open the silicone tab on the lid of the bento box, without removing it.
  4. Choose your program: press the central button on the front of the container once to start a 15-minute program (1 white light), twice for 25 minutes (2 white lights), and 3 times for 35 minutes (3 white lights).
  5. IMPORTANT STEP: once you have selected your program, keep your finger pressed on the button to start heating the bento box. The light(s) will then turn orange: this is the sign that your lunch box is heating up. They will flash as the program heats up so you can follow the progress.
  6. Once the program is finished, the 3 lights will turn green: it’s time to eat!
  7. Turn off your lunch box at the back, under the plug cover, and unplug it.
  8. Lift the lid carefully to avoid being surprised by any hot steam! And all that’s left is to enjoy! 😋

How do you clean the inside of a lunch box?

As you all know, water and electricity do not mix! That’s why the MB Warmer lunch box is not dishwasher safe. You can wash it by hand, just make sure to close the cover that protects the plug at the back of the lunch box.

And because we know at monbento that doing the dishes is not very fun, we thought of you! We have developed small removable boxes with the exact dimensions of the MB Warmer, the MB Side. Made of stainless steel, they are dishwasher safe! 🙌 Prepare your meal at home in the MB Side boxes and carry them to the office where your self-heated lunch box is waiting. Remove the lid from the boxes and place them directly into the MB Warmer. Heat up your meal, enjoy, and when you’re done: your heating bento lunch box is all clean, and the boxescan go in the dishwasher! Practical, isn’t it?

To help you tame your electric lunch box, discover all our tips in videos!


 The MB Tresor kids lunch box

How to open monbento box?

The MB Tresor lunch box has been designed especially for little hands, and has been tested by children and approved by parents! To open it, simply lift the two large clasps on either side of the lid before removing it. The two small boxes on top are not 100% airtight, so the lids are very easy to remove. Thanks to the small rims on each side of the main container, children will be able to easily remove its lid, without forcing.

Can you reheat the lunch box in the microwave?

Like the lunch boxes for parents, the MB Tresor kids’s bento box is microwave safe. Just remove all the lids, and place the containers in the microwave, no more than 3 minutes, at 500 W maximum. And there you have it, a delicious hot meal for growing up!

Can you wash the lunch box in the washing machine?

Once again, nothing could be easier! Separate all the parts of your little foodie’s bento box, taking care to put aside the little customization token on the lid to avoid damaging it! And then, place everything in the dishwasher, upper rack and gentle cycle recommended. However, if your little adventurer has chosen a lunch box with a pattern (like the one from the Raccoon or Fox collection), wash the graphic lid by hand to avoid damaging the patterns.

All our tips to take care of your little ones’ lunch box are available in videos!


Now you know everything there is to know about caring for your favorite bento boxes! Need more tips? Want to learn more about another product? Don’t hesitate to write to us on social networks!

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