The combination of legumes and cereals

Chickpeas, lentils, broad beans or dried beans are part of combined dishes from South America (Bandeja Paisa, Medellin region) to Asia (Daal bat, Nepal) and the Mediterranean region (Couscous, North Africa).

Whether they are local specialities or national dishes, pulses occupy a prominent place in the world’s culinary palette. And you can bet that they will be served with cereals.


In the field

Pulses are a plus for the whole farming system when they are part of a mixed farming system. For example, when lentils and wheat are sown together in the same field, they mutually benefit from this association.

The lentil plant grows on the stem of the wheat plant, which serves as a support. Growing tall, it is easier to harvest. The legume naturally fixes nitrogen from the air in the soil (thanks to small bacteria that it activates). The wheat then feeds on this natural fertiliser and grows faster. It is also richer in protein. Lentils and wheat are harvested at the same time.

Furthermore, the amazing capabilities of legumes mean that there is little or no need for chemical additives in the crop, an important issue from a food, economic and environmental point of view. Pulses and cereals are grown together in a unique synergistic process.


On our plate

Although pulses contain more protein than cereals, they do not contain all the amino acids. The amino acids that are missing in legumes are found in abundance in cereals (rice, wheat, barley, maize, small spelt, etc.).

Nutritionists recommend combining cereals and pulses in the same meal. The proteins in cereals and legumes complement each other and form super-proteins that are highly assimilable by the body. These super proteins have a profile very similar to that of red meat, which is known to be balanced and easily assimilated.

With their range of sprouted cereal and legume twists, Les Graineurs offer an innovative, natural product that combines the cereals and legumes of our farmers’ fields with our consumers’ plates. A virtuous chain for the farmers of our cooperative as well as for consumers looking for practical, nutritionally balanced and environmentally friendly products.


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