Sweet samosas

Today I filled up my monbento box with a dessert: banana-chocolate and apple-cinnamon samosas.


mon bento samoussas tutoriel feuilles de brick


If you don’t know how to fold fine pastry sheets, here is a simple tutorial.


Start by preparing the filling:

Samosas need to be cooked approximately 1 minute. It is necessary, when you want to use fruit, to cook it before folding the samosa. The filling must already have the final consistency you want before cooking the samosas.


You can cook the apple in a pan on non-stick paper. Cut the apples into small pieces. Put them on a pan on non-stick paper with some honey. Cover it to keep the steam in and cook the apples. They are ready when they get soft.


For the bananas, just choose ripe ones. Slice them and add chocolate shavings.


The samosa folding:

Cut your thin pastry sheets in 4 strips of the same width.


mon bento samoussas tutoriel feuilles de brick


1. Put ½ Tsp. of filling at the end of the thin pastry sheet.


2. Fold one of the lower corners to the opposite side.


mon bento samoussas tutoriel feuilles de brick

3. Fold the lower corner to the opposite side.


4. Repeat again until the end of the thin pastry sheet. Leave the end of the strip under the samosa. It is the side you’re going to cook first.


It is also super easy to cook:

30 seconds on each side with of butter or oil until they are slightly brown.


Now it’s your turn!

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