Sweet bento

mon bento petite fringalle


We all experienced hunger during and endless meeting… or when we are taking public transportations early in the morning… or even when we cannot eat anything before 10 :00 AM.


Why not having a breakfast or eating break bento?


Against hunger : yoghut, home-made muesli and banana.

Home-made muesli is good to put what you want in it and not put what we don’t want!


The following is the recipe of a oatmeal, spelt wheat, cinamon, hazelnuts and almonds.


Ingredients :

–       250g / 0,55 lb of a mix of oatmeal and spelt wheat

–       1 big handful almonds

–       1 big handful hazelnuts

–       1 tablespoon honey

–       1 teaspoon cinnamon

–       1 tablespoon sugar

–       2 or 3 tablespoons water


Preheat your oven 330°F/170°C.

Chop hazelnuts and almonds up with knife.

Put oatmeal and spelt wheat in a bowl, had nuts and cinnamon.

Melt sugar, honey and water in a double-boiler.

Had this liquid mix to the flakes and nuts. Mix to spread the liquid mix.

Put it on baking pape rand cook it for 20 minutes. Mix during the baking. Muesli should be chunky.


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