Let’s start the year off right!

After an eventful year 2021, we are more than happy to welcome 2022! Although this year should be challenging again given the ongoing health situation, there’s no way we will give up our new year’s resolutions: in 2022, let’s focus on our happiness and well-being!

Want to discover our resolutions at monbento? 😉

Eating local and seasonal products

There is nothing better to welcome a new season than to put its main flavors in the spotlight in our bento boxes! The sweetness of the first summer fruit, the comforting taste of fall vegetable soups… and if they are bought at our favorite farmer’s market, they taste even better! The little extra that makes us even happier: a reduced carbon footprint!



We tend to forget how essential sleeping is for good health! So, in 2022, no more yawning: let’s go to bed earlier and make sure we enjoy 7 hours of good sleep. Despite this, you still feel a little bit tired by mid-morning? In this case, plan a snack that will give you energy: an orange, a banana, some almonds or even a little avocado toast with some fresh wholewheat bread.


Staying hydrated

Regulating body temperature, ensuring the proper functioning of kidneys, giving us a beautiful skin, ensuring a good digestion … water has so many benefits! So, to take care of ourselves, let’s drink 1.5L of water per day! Want a little tip to stick to this resolution? Be sure to always have a reusable bottle with you! Thanks to their compact size, the MB Positive bottles fit in every kind of bag. Convenient, isn’t it?


Working out

In 2022, let’s move! Running after work, yoga sessions when the sun rises, zumba class, riding the bike, muscle strengthening… Let’s choose physical activities that we will enjoy practicing throughout the year to make sure we stay active and in a good shape in all circumstances, whatever the weather! At monbento, we love to go for a walk in the middle of our beloved volcanoes in Auvergne on weekends, to combine business with pleasure 😉 or, if weather is not good enough, to attend a sports class on YouTube!


Supporting each other

This health crisis has taught us one thing: in life, it’s important to help each other. So, in 2022, why not choosing a charity to support throughout the year? Volunteering, donating or even just talking about it around us: everything is good to help and participate in this collective effort. To start this year off right, we are happy at monbento to join the Samusocial of Paris to fight against social exclusion: we will donate 1€ to the association for every MB Original pink Natural sold. A good reason to look at life through rose-tinted glasses this year, don’t you think?



In 2022, let’s say no: no to food waste, no to compulsive purchases that will only be used a few times, and no to disposable items. Instead, let’s focus on reusable! Let’s reuse the leftovers of our fridge by creating new recipes, let’s favor second hand and recycle everything we don’t use anymore, let’s choose reusable containers for our orders at the restaurant … these are small habits that are easy to adopt every day but that can change a lot of things in the long run! Living or traveling to Paris or Lyon in France?  Discover barePack that makes it easy to adopt reusable habits in our favorite restaurants!


Treating ourselves

Taking care of ourselves also means dedicating time to our little guilty pleasures once a week, to relax and enjoy some “me time”. This can mean eating your favorite pastry, listening to a podcast, sunbathing, organizing a board game night with your friends, going on an impromptu hike… in 2022, let’s listen to ourselves and make our desires come true.

Opening up

What if the watchword in 2022 was « let’s open up »? Open up to new experiences, open up to new consumption habits, open up to new activities, open up to ourselves but also to others… This year let’s try new things to discover new passions, new talents, new interests.  At monbento, we have decided to open up to the best that food has to offer. Will you join us in our adventure?


We wish you a wonderful year 2022 filled with tasty projects!

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