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hanablomst bento line


monbento found for you a new brand : HanaBlomst.

It has been created by 2 designers, one is from Denmark and the other one from Japan.

Because of that mixture of cultures, HanaBlomst associates japanese poetry and danish design.

The name of the brand comes from their little daughter who said flower in japanese hana and in danish blomst.She inspires them in the creation of the line.

Our selection looks more japanese than danish.

Bento boxes and chopsticks have an authentic look with japanese pattern.

 hanablomst bento kozakura marine

Seiwa uses HanaBlomst pattern for their furoshiki fabrics and bags.
Furoshiki fabrics are used in the traditional wrapping of the bento box.It can be fold as a hand bag, shoulder bag or to wrap you bento.
hanablomst furoshiki bleu rose

A bag version of the furoshiki also exist. An easier way to fold and go.
hanablomst sac seiwa triangle

That big shoulder bag from HanaBlomst enables you to carry as many things as you want !

hanablomst grand sac rose

HanaBlomst and Seiwa line.

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