Some deliciously scary ideas for a perfect Halloween meal!



In a few days, you’re going to spend the most terrifying Halloween party with your family and friends? Your costume is ready, your decorations well advanced and you’re thinking about the menu? Then, this is for you!


We’ve selected some ideas posted on Pinterest for you. On the menu, disgustingly looking but simple and quick to prepare recipes!


Mummy hot-dogs as appetizers

Take an all-beef hot-dog, cut it out to let appear arms and legs and wrap it with a strip of dough. Put it in the oven for a few minutes at 180°C and it’s ready!



Source : Pinterest


Spider eggs as starters

Forget your grandma’s traditional devilled eggs! Or rather give them a “dark” side for the occasion creating a spider with a black olive cut in pieces.



Source : Pinterest


“Beetlejuice”-style plate of pasta as main dish

Some spaghetti, a pinch of black food colouring, diced tomatoes, grated Gruyère cheese and there is a perfect dish for a haunted house!



Source : Pinterest


Vampire teeth as dessert

Cut a cookie in half, spread some vanilla frosting tainted in red, add some mini marshmallows on the round side and close the denture. Then put the almond pieces shaped as canine teeth and enjoy!



Source : Pinterest


For presentation, the choice is yours; on our website: MB Original Halloween, MB Original black, MB Square black, MB Lib black


Bon appétit! And happy Halloween to you all!


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