Make sure you keep your good mood during the changing seasons!

With the arrival of autumn, the days are getting shorter and the intensity of daylight is decreasing! At this time, you usually feel tired and in lack of energy! According to studies, this can affect between 0.4% and 10% of the population! But where does this come from? And how do you stay in shape in any circumstances? We give you some tips in this article!

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Why did changing seasons make feel you tired?

From autumn to winter, days are getting shorter and this decrease in light intensity leads to a disruption of our internal clock. That one plays a key role in regulating the biological rhythm. In fact, it releases hormones from sleep and good mood. So, the disruption can cause some insomnia, lack of energy, difficulties falling asleep, lack of morale and the desire to eat sweet foods and snacks constantly.


What are the solutions?

To compensate for this disruption, here are our little tips:

1. Light therapy:

To fill the lack of natural light, it’s possible after consultation with a health professional to use light therapy. This technique consists in exposing your eyes and your skin to a light spectrum close to natural light and whose qualities are close to sunlight. This treatments is recognized in the fiels of seasonal depression.


2. Have physicals activities and take the most of the sunny hours:

Stimulate your organism is important to stay in shape. For that, you need to have some outdoors activities: biking, running, walking or hiking. In fact, it’s important to spend time in daylight! When daylight intensity dicreases, spending time outside will promote the creation of the ‘good mood hormone’. You can also have less athletic activities such as gardening, walks with your dog or outings with friends.


3. Have a good nutrition:

When you are feeling bad, you eat a lot because you feel hungry the whole time! And everybody knows that a healthy mind is also a healthy body. It is therefore necessary to fill yourself up with Tryptophan! This amino acid helps regulating mood and sleep. It is found in protein-rich foods such as eggs, meats, legumes (lentils, beans, chickpeas, etc.) and bananas.


To give you a little help during this difficult period, we’ve been looking for some recipe ideas to fill your bento boxes with tasty and appetizing recipes!

Recipe 1: Banana muffins

Recipe 2: Claudine’s recipe – Pork shoulder with curry

Recipe 3: Ham and vegetable omelette maki rolls

Recipe 4: Lamb fillet gratinated « salsa verde »


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