Get to know more about the MB E-zy and the Ariaprene

couverture mb e-zy sac transport isotherme ariaprène


This new product from our 2019 collection provoked your enthusiasm! Today, we are going to tell you a little more about our MB E-zy and its main fabric: the Ariaprene. You haven’t heard about it yet? Here are some of its advantages!

Ariaprene is a material made without solvents, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and recyclable. To go further, we designed this bag in order to minimize the loss of fabric and therefore the waste associated with its production!


mb e-zy ariaprene monbento bento transport bag

In addition to these aspects, Ariaprene is also an insulated fabric. And thanks to a double closure and a waterproof nylon inner lining the MB E-zy keeps the temperature of your meals. You can even add an icepack to keep it cold for longer!
The small bonus: its nylon lining is waterproof!

double fermeture MB E-zy monbento sac transport ariaprène

double closure mb e-zy transport bag insulated

A whole meal
Although very compact, this format can hold an entire meal: a bento box (MB Original, MB Tresor or MB Square) + a MB Positive M bottle + a fruit or a yoghurt! And yes, even our XXL bento box fits in the MB E-zy with a bottle and a dessert!
On your shoulder or in your hand, let him follow you everywhere!

MB E-zy transport bag ariaprene mb original mb positive dessert

MB E-zy MB Square whole meal


Some words from Fabien, designer and co-founder of monbento
« Ariaprene was used until now in the production of sports shoes. Its technical performances and resistance made us use it to design a lightweight and functional transport bag in accordance with the users’ wishes. This environmentally friendly material meets all our expectations. »

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