Financier cakes for monbento molds

mon bento balade en nature et financiers aux amandes


One of the secrets for a nice hiking trip is a hearty picnic. Hikers need lots of energy. Financier cakes are a perfect dessert to share between friends or family. The choice of the hiking trip itself is also quite important.



-100g almond powder

-110g butter

-50g flour

-150g sugar


-3 egg whites


Preheat your oven (180°C-350°F).


Start by melting the butter. Add the almond powder and mix the two ingredients together. Once the mix is at room temperature, add sugar. Mix well between each step. Add the eggs, salt and flour.


Mix all the ingredients until batter is uniform before pouring it in the two parts of the mold.


Bake it for 25-30 minutes.


mon bento balade en nature


You can easily prepare it the day before. People will love it!

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