DIY for children: a snowman without snow!

DIY pour les enfants : un bonhomme de neige sans neige !


Well, no news to you: winter is here. And except if you live in the Mauritius, what do children like most at this time of the year? Make a snowman! 

Strangely enough, you, parent, are probably less enthusiastic about it. Not to keen on spending 2 h in the cold? Or having to stop the tears of your little artists when their creation melts away…

Also, let’s say it, most often there is no or hardly enough snow for the dream of « frosty » to come true. 

So, to make everybody happy and avoid all risks of tantrum and flying bentos or snack boxes, we’ll share with you a simple and nice tuto found on the blog DIY Cozy Home to make a long lasting snowman… without an ounce of snow (and a perfect gift for grandma too!).


For that purpose, you will need: 
– 1 sock ideally white (and clean!)
– string, also white
– a pair of scissors
– a bag of rice (uncooked!)
– a few items such as: buttons, round head pins, fabrics scraps, wool, felt …

You’re all set to now follow the demo on video: 




So, to summarize: 

1/ Cut up the sock just above heel level.
2/ Take the ankle part and turn it inside out.
3/ Tie one end close, using the string.
4/ Turn it back right again (outside out!).

5/ Fill it with rice, then close up with another piece of string

6/ Shape your new rice bag to look like a snowman body: a round chubbier base and a smaller round head.
7/ Use another piece of string to separate the two.
8/ Then comes the time to let loose your creativity: ribbon of felt for the scarf, the remaining piece of sock slightly tucked up on the “head” for the hat, buttons for the plumpy stomach, coloured pins for eyes and nose … Everything is allowed!


Say thanks to whom for the activity idea of your next weekend???

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