Let’s get insulated lunch boxes !

insulated bento lunch boxes

Sunny days are slowly and shyly showing up. Our insulated products will be really good things to have at school, during outdoor activities, for a picnic at the beach or in the countryside.


Sandwich cases :


You can choose between 2 sizes : half baguette and soft bread ; and 4 colors : pink, orange, blue and green.

They are perfect accessorises  to put your “made with love” sandwich ! These cases even have an inside pocket to put a napkin and some sweet words in.

As you know, some hours in a backpack are always fateful for your kid’s sandwich. And it’s not only falling into pieces ! The sandwich is also getting lukewarm.

I’m sure you’re thinking that a lukewarm sandwich is not so dramatic. But think about the salad… Yes ! It’s getting like the kids most hated food : spinach !

You would not do that to your so loved child ?


>> Half baguette.

>>Soft bread.


There’s something for every stomach !



Nano lunchbox :


This lunchbox is composed of an insulated case and a big capacity plastic box (800 mL – 27 oz).

What a good way to carry with you a big dish in a quite small box. The box is 100% hermetic and the case keeps your food cold.

You can be trendy even during your meal. 

Available in purple, red, white and black.


>>Nano lunchbox.


If you don’t have a fridge at work, here is the solution : the Nano Lunchbox !

The best alternative to your frozen-food bag !



Lunchbox case :


For any situation, a big appetite or while travelling. Keep cold an entire meal for several hours. This picnic set is composed of 2 big boxes (800 mL and 600 mL – 27 and 20.3 oz) and a compartment for fruits.

Everything fit in a very compact bag.

The bag is easy to carry with an handle and a shoulder strap (removable).

Let your practical side express itself ?$


>>Lunch bag Iris.


Who said that it is complicated to have a healty meal out of home ?

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