New monbento™ products

A short time before the beggining of the new school year we have some surprises!


monbento™ Square used to be the “big bento box”. That’s why we decided to make it smaller. For a test series we made monbento™ Square 1 compartment so that you can try monbento™’s plate.


Of course it is going to be cheaper too : only 18.50 euros. It makes some kind of ‘in between’ monbento™ Origami with 1 or 2 compartments, when I possibility is too big and the other one too small.


Pitch on monbento™ Square 1 compartment!


 new mon bento Square 1 compartment and bags


As you know, good news never comes alone! We just received bags for monbento™ Original.


This bag is a case that protects your bento box while transporting it. It is made out of polyester a very resistant and easy-care fabric.


Bags are available in several colors with different patterns, according to your own tastes!

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