Keep in shape with Laëtitia Guapo!

Hello monbento lovers! Here I am again for new adventures and not just any…! Are you also progressively adopting new habits to face the new health rules and situation?

On my side, after a 5-month break from competitions, I finally went back to basketball with my new club: Bourges Basket. As a basketball player, it’s never easy to change clubs, teammates, coaches, etc. We have to adapt quickly and get used to new habits. But, this season is even more challenging! Indeed, as in every occupation, we have to deal with new rules that are essential for everyone’s safety. Let me explain you how it works in professional sport, at least in the women’s basketball league. 😉

First of all, as social distancing is difficult or even impossible when we are on the field, we are tested for the COVID-19 every week (especially during the competition period). The tests are carried out about 48 hours before each game, which lets time to know the results before. Secondly, we no longer have access to the locker rooms and every time we get out of the court, we have to wear a mask. When we are on the field, we don’t wear masks but every coach or assistant must have one. During breaks and every time we go to drink, we must respect a one-meter distance. In addition, all the equipment (balls, accessories, etc.) is cleaned after each game and each training period. Regarding our training sessions, their duration and frequency are not impacted – we still practice once or twice per day.

So far, none of the players of my team has tested positive – we keep our fingers crossed that this will keep going! And most of all, we make sure we respect the preventive measures and we remain vigilant every time we go out.

My vitamin tip to stay in shape during this period?
Vacations are over and days are getting shorter. Getting more vitamin D is a good solution to boost your immune system. I’m still into seasonal juices made with my juice extractor! My vitamin recipe of the moment: 1 beet, 1 celery branch, 1 lime, 1 cucumber. 😉

My express weekly sport routine advice:
It’s the beginning of the new school year, vacations are over, kids go back to school, we have to get used to new habits… it’s easy to feel overwhelmed during this period but we should not forget to take care for ourselves and make sure we take time to let off steam! So take 10 minutes per day to move your body!

Here are 10 minutes of exercises to do and do again but you can of course follow your own rhythm and add extra weights depending on your physical condition, in order to vary the difficulty. In any case, remember to increase the intensity gradually as you exercise: make sure you warm up to slowly increase your heart rate.

Feel free to ask me all your questions on social media if you need more information or want more advice!

Remember also that physical activity shouldn’t be a burden but a way to take time for yourself, to let off steam and to clear your mind. There are plenty of activities and I’m sure you will find the good one, so don’t wait any longer!!

Enjoy September!


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