MB Kawaii fushia
The square egg moulds
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MB Kawaii fushiaThe square egg moulds

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The MB Kawaii

The egg molds have arrived chez monbento!

A new take on Japanese food culture, they have been revisited to make square hardboiled eggs that fit easily in your bento.

Sold in pairs, the two messages –“EGG” or “Bon appétit” - add a touch of originality. A detail so kawaii!



  • Carefully shell the hard-boiled egg while it is still hot and place it in the mold.
  • Close and place the mold in a bowl of cold water or in the refrigerator. Wait for about 10 minutes.
  • Open the cooled mold and remove the hard-boiled egg.

The results will vary depending on the size of your egg.

Do not use outside of the intended usage as previously described.

Temperature range: between -20°C/ -4°F and 120°C/248°F

Informations and characteristics
  • Product dimensions: L 55 x p 55 x h 33
  • 2 containers (PP)
  • 1 lid «egg» (PP)
  • 1 lid «bon appetit» (PP)
Food grade
Soft touch


*In accordance with the regulations