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MB E-zy blue Navy
The eco-designed insulated bag
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MB E-zy blue NavyThe eco-designed insulated bag

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The MB E-zy

The ideal companion to carry your complete meal kit is just here. MB Original, MB Square or MB Tresor bento box + MB Positive M reusable bottle + fruit or yoghurt will be well protected within this unique bag that can be carried on the shoulder or by hand.

Made of Ariaprene, a lightweight, flexible, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and recyclable eco-designed material - it has been designed to minimize the waste associated with its manufacture.

Thanks to a waterproof nylon inner lining and a double sliding closure, it will keep your meal at the right temperature.

Informations and characteristics
  • Bag dimensions: L330mm x H280mm x E20mm
  • Dimensions of the storage space once the product is closed: L220mm x H220mm x P180mm
Food grade
*In accordance with the regulations
An insulating material, a nylon lining, a doublesliding closure: everything has been designed to keep your lunch kit warm or cool (you can even add an ice-pack).
Practicality and eco-responsibility are combined thanks to Ariaprene, an innovative material on the market of insulated bags, non-toxic, produced without solvents and waste, degradable and recyclable.
For a complete lunch kit
For a complete lunch kit
Bento box, bottle, snack: this insulated bag can carry everything you need for your to-go breaks!
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