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Fill your bento box with love, but most of all with tasty ingredients and delicious dishes! To stick to this theme, discover our selection of Made in France lunch boxes, engraved with funny quotes that will whet your appetite! For your friends, colleagues, family or yourself, these bento boxes are the perfect funny gift idea!

Bring an exotic touch to your lunch breaks

Limited Editions: three bento boxes and a wrapping cloth

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New: a unique colour made of recycled material

Take care of yourself and the environment with the MB Original Terracotta Recycled

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When there's a special occasion to celebrate, we all know this period of intense search for the perfect and unbeatable gift idea. But no more worries, we got you covered: discover our selection of bento boxes engraved with fun and mouthwatering messages! In addition to putting a smile on your friends, family or colleagues' face, these customised lunch boxes will help them take care of themselves and the environment thanks to a reusable product that will invite them to cook tasty dishes!

monbento engraving bento for Christmas

For Christmas

For a tasty and eco-friendly Christmas, give your loved ones and friends an engraved lunch box. Two airtight tiers that will hold all their flavourful dishes, soft colours that will easily match their lunch set and some funny quotes that will bring a smile on their face every time they will use this lunch box: isn't it the perfect gift? The hardest part will probably be choosing the right message for your favourite food addict!

monbento engraving bento for their birthdays

For their birthdays

Your colleagues are celebrating their birthday soon and you want to show them that they are the cherry on top of your office? Your sister will soon turn one year older, and you want to remind her how much she means to you? Or maybe your favourite lunch partners are about to enter a new decade and you want to give them a funny gift that will remind them of your dream team at lunch time? Choose a personalised bento box that is as unique as the exceptional person you will give it to!

monbento engraving bento to wish a 'bon voyage!'

To wish a "bon voyage!"

Before an adventure begins, it is better to collect everything we may need during our journey! Give your friends, cousins or colleagues who love having lunch on the go an engraved lunch box! Thanks to this gift personalised just for them, they will be able to enjoy healthy meals during their trips and avoid being bothered with disposable packaging during their various stops. In addition, the little engraved message on the top lid of the bento box will make them feel like home, reminding them that their loved ones are by their side! So, if you are looking for a last-minute gift to put in a luggage or backpack, the customised lunch box is the perfect idea!

monbento engraving bento for a wedding

For a wedding

When starting a life together, nothing better than getting everything needed for romantic picnics! Bring a fun touch to the newlywed's on-the-go lunches with bento boxes engraved just for them! An original personalised gift idea that will leave a lasting impression and will make it easy for the happy couple to enjoy delicious homemade meals wherever they want.

monbento engraving bento when they are moving in

When they are moving in

Moving in a new home is the perfect opportunity to get new objects, accessories and utentils. So to celebrate your brother, sister or best friend's new home, give them an engraved bento box! Fridge, freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe, this reusable lunch box will make their daily life much easier and could even introduce them to the meal prep technique! A gift idea that is as useful as it is pretty with its soft colours and funny engraved quotes!