Your sight is blurred in shades of red, you see hearts everywhere, number 14 comes back again and again in your head... Don't panic! These are not clinical signs... They just sound like Valentine's Day is coming soon - something you can't miss, unless you live in a cave, and without 4G! 

" It's cheesy "," it's commercial "," we don't need this to prove that we love each other "," there's not even a Saint named Valentine "... Maybe... But if you think about it a little bit, Valentine's Day is not so terrible anyway ;-)


#1 We get some sweet words

It's true that it's awfully awful: a small love declaration whispered on awakening, a romantic text message received during the day or a small note placed on the furniture in the entrance hall and discovered after a long day at work! Seriously, we're not 15 anymore! So "Jules" please stop being such a gentleman! Don't talk to me before my coffee, don't bother me at work unless there's a huge promotion on monbento website, and don't kill trees to tell me you love me! We've been living together for X years, I know it!


#2 Enjoy a good meal

What? What? I don't need to cook dinner tonight because you're inviting me to the restaurant? Did you ask me first? Seriously, I can't even waste time thinking about what I’m going to cook, flushing out the last two burgers of the freezer, and noticing for the umpteenth time that it's helping out but it tastes bad? You're annoying me with your fancy dishes and your champagne glass!


#3 We open a gift

The worst of the worst! I haven't even used all the trinkets I received at Christmas and my birthday is less than 2 months away... Too much is too much. Stop trying to make me happy. Think about yourself and it'll be all right!


Well, the line is a little pushed... All this to tell you that there is still worse than celebrating the day of love. And there's nothing to stop you from doing it your way: another date, a sushi-TV show evening, an outing with friends, because yes you love them... In short, you have the choice ;-)


And for the most late of you, you can order a digital gift card! Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Love each other well!