Make the most of your break with the MB Mug porcelain cup.



With 35cl, a great capacity to enjoy your favourite drink.

mb-mug-fushiamb-mug-bleu-ciel mb-mug-vertmb-mug-grismb-mug-koimb-mug-koi


>> MB Mug – 14€90


And, the MB Mug has its own accessories!


An assorted porcelain lid, to keep your drink warm and an infuser for tea lovers.




>> Accessories MB Mug – Coming soon


There is more!

You’re having a sudden craving for chocolate cake, cookie or cheesecake? The MB Mug is also the perfect item to bake a mug cake in less than 5 minutes top! Just pour and mix the ingredients in your mug, and place it in the microwave: 3 minutes.




Try it!

Find out soon about our recipes.  

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