Vegan, veggy, paleo… Help!

12 May 2017 | Post by Nawel

From veganism to raw food diet via paleo diet, there are more and more ways to eat and we are getting confused!

So, if you don’t understand the difference between all those weird names (clearly confusing) we’ll try to clarify the topic for you and maybe make you want to start a new kind of diet

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Running in Auvergne: my 5th best spots

21 Apr 2017 | Post by Thomas

With the return of the sunny days, the “restless leg syndrome” and the call of the green tickle as again.

Most of the time I run alone. However, sharing a day out and showing my spots to my partner of the day or even be guided by him into unknown paths to discover new playing fields is a great motivation to put on my running shoes.

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We tested the Konjac

11 Apr 2017 | Post by Nawel

You’ve probably heard about Konjac, this root is extremely popular in our plates these days, it has a detox power and an appetite-suppressant effect.

Because we are the curious type, we wanted to know a little more and test for you this strange plant that comes from the other side of the world. 

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Not so easy to set a target and to keep it when you have to juggle with sport, work and family life! Add business trips on top of that and following your training plan becomes a real challenge!

Here is a short list to help you. 

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We are just at the beginning of the year, the holidays period isn’t so far back… and we are still on time to think of our new resolutions serenely. We have an entire month to set up our yearly goals and fortunately for most of us, February is not here yet ;-)

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Winter is coming… and along with it all the little discomforts: shorter days, colder temperatures… This is why it is important to keep in mind some dos and don’ts to protect your body and keep your muscles safe. 


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Practice planning

18 Nov 2016 | Post by Julie

Slow and steady wins the race. And winning the race begins by wanting to win. Bearing this in mind, planning seems to be the inevitable: define objectives, peak shape periods, or simply a daily routine. But which goal to choose? And how to reach it? Far from me to claim the miracle method or THE solution, but here are just a few ideas I find useful to share with you. 

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According to Planetoscope, the amount of waste thrown away every year in the world is between 3400 and 4000 billion tons; and according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 1,3 billion would be food waste. To participate at our own level in decreasing these figures, we recently revealed to you our precious anti-waste advices. But as we know well most waste remains in the kitchen, here are our tips to give them a second chance and make your bins lighter!

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Guan Chun: feline art, just as we love it!

2 Nov 2016 | Post by Julie

Maybe you have come across before one of these very peculiar felines… At monbento we have had the chance to meet the person who gives them life and we absolutely wanted to present her to you! ;-)


It is the incredible… Guan Chun! A young talented Chinese artist and illustrator. 

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“Resting is part of training”. This principle although extremely simple and often misinterpreted, leads us to many questions. Far from being existential, they are nevertheless essential to optimize our daily, weekly, or even longer term training. There are a number of things to put in place to optimize the training results. We can speak of hidden training.

What is invisible training?

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