A little water, some seasonal fruits or vegetables, a nice glass or plastic container and there you go. You have a detox water!
This name makes us wonder as it seems to be a magic drink, but does it really deserve its name? Let us see about it together with this new article. 


For the anecdote, the Americans were the first (they always are a step ahead) to have the idea to add good things to still or sparkling water. The purpose being to detoxify the body.


So, like all good French people, we like to follow trends that come from the other side of the ocean, and we decided to adopt this healthy habit. Bye-bye smoothies, now out of date. Hello detox water.

 Detox or intox?

As the name suggests, this water is to clean your body from toxins with the antioxidants, found in fruits and that are released when in contact with water.

The problem is, there are no scientific research that prove this to be true.

As non-scientists, we cannot promise you anything, but one thing is certain, fruits and water can’t be bad for our health, right?



          - It is a good way to keep well hydrated and to consume water differently (it cannot be stressed often enough; that one should drink at least 1.5L of water a day)

           - It is a perfect ally to lose weight because of the very low calorie intake

           - It is a good alternative to sweet beverages found in grocery shops

           - It is inexpensive: only a few pieces of fruits needed

           - It is super tasty refreshing in high temperature weather

           - You can easily vary the flavour! You just add the fruits you like ;-)


So, even if it’s “detox” only by the name, detox water allows us to drink water in an original and tasty way. Furthermore, it’s really simple and visually lovely.

The little plus; the zero waste, because once you’ve drunk the water, you can then enjoy the fruits/vegetables in your yoghurts or smoothies. 100% approval!


Our favourite recipe of detox water:

1 or 2 lemons (organic or well rinsed)
6 or 7 mint leaves
1L of water

Cut the lemon into slices and place them with cold water and the mint leaves in your MB Positive.
Let to stand for about an hour in the refrigerator.
Drink within 24 hours.