Day or night cream, eye contour, make-up removal, cleansing gel, body scrub, serum …

Our bathroom is full of all kinds of products with a scary list of components.

At monbento, pampering ourselves is a priority and it’s even better when it’s safe, ecological and economic. Focus on this new trend: the "reasonable" cosmetic


What is it? 

Its aim is to make people aware that it is possible to consume less and better and at the same way to take care of our body and the environment.

Concretely, it is about encouraging home-made beauty care products by creating our own products with simple ingredients found in the kitchen.

Clever isn't? 


The benefits

- It’s ecological. Indeed, we generate less trash and we release less pollutants in the nature and this is already enough to convince us! 

- It’s economic. Yes, creating our own cosmetics cost less than buying them because we don’t pay for the packaging or the brand. The benefits are that with one vegetable we can create several beauty care. A good news! No ruining ourselves anymore! 

- It’s super easy to make. Making our own beauty products doesn’t require a PhD. We just need a little bit of time, some vegetable products. For the recipe, an online check and you can find everything you need to create any given beauty care. Otherwise, for the less connected people, there are plenty of books that explain how the "reasonable" cosmetic works. No more excuses!

- Last but not least benefit: it’s good for the body. By consuming natural cosmetics, we say goodbye to products full of silicon and other substances that have nothing to do on our skin and hair. A good return to basics :-)



Recipe for a home-made lipstick

1) In a pan, mix a ration of beeswax with two rations of shea butter (you can find these products in organics shops).

2) Melt the mixture with low temperature. Leave to mealt until it becomes liquid. 

3) Pour the mixture in a small and clean container, a MB Temple S or M will do the job perfectly ;-)

Let cool and close the lid.

You can keep your lipstick several months away from heat and humidity!


The "reasonable" cosmetic is like a voyage back in time to our grandmothers’ daily life that can only seduce us. However, we are aware that going back from industrial to natural products can be disturbing. But, it can be a phased process that integrates gradually natural products into our daily beauty routine.

Your skin, your wallet and the planet will thank you for that ;-)